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Education/ Research 

In Sweden you study meteorology at MIUU (Department of Meteorology, Uppsala
university) or at MISU (Department of Meteorology, Stockholm university). 
Before enetering the meteoroloical courses you usually have studied mathematichs
and physics for two years. 
The meteorology courses are 1.5-2 years depending on what degree you choose
(B.Sc or M.Sc). 

Some main fields of research is athmospheric chemistry and dynamical meteorology
(MISU) and boundary layer meteorology (MIUU). 

SWECLIM (The Swedish Regional Climate Modelling Programme) aims to increase
our knowledge of the effects of climate change in Sweden and the other Nordic
SWECLIM is a co-operation between the Rossby Centre at SMHI, the Research
section, SMHI-If, at SMHI and the following research groups in Sweden: 
MISU, SMFO, Marine Research Centre, Stockholm University and OIGU, Department
of Oceanography, Göteborg University 


Most of the civilian meteorologist work at SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and
Hydrological Institute) wich beside meteorology also have departments within
hydrology and oceanography. 

The head office is located in Norrköping and SMHI has four regional offices in
Malmö, Gothenburgh, Sundsvall and at Stockholm-Arlanda airport. 

Weather Service at the Swedish defence 

The Swedish defence has its own weather service and employs about 90
It provides weather services for the naval forces, the army, and the airforce. 
The defence cooperates with SMHI and the universities.